Two in One

Unlike most companies, we are a Vinyl Fence fabricator and an Aluminum Fence manufacturer. This ensures our colors match between the two product lines. It also allows us to marry the best of both product lines.

Example #1

A customer submits an order. Our experienced sales associate looks the order over and realizes there are several inconsistencies. The customer is contacted and they submit a drawing for us to breakdown. We catch errors in the quantity of posts required, correct the amounts and send out the order. It is installed without a problem. Had the post counts not been corrected the job would have been delayed.


Our company is operated by former fence installers with over 50 years of combined installation experience. Why is that important? We have used products from leading manufacturers. We have direct knowledge of what works and what does not. We have taken that knowledge and used it to make a product that meets your expectations and installs without problems. Our representatives are always available to assist the customer when problems with a particular installation arise.

The enlighten philosopher Plato once said, “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” Time after time, project after project, our well versed team of fencing professionals make good decisions based on their voluminous experience within the fencing industry. These decisions are beneficial of the right product for the right project. Moreover, they are vital decisions for affordable, successful results. We know that choosing the right product that is aesthetically pleasing to a unique landscape, durable in all types of weather conditions, and is superior on many levels is necessary, what isn’t necessary is breaking your bank account.

Example #2

Fence company A sells a 72" tall Vinyl privacy fence. They purchase it from Competitor B. Competitor B has a "standard" full height section. They don't know or don't care that the building codes in Fence company A's area do not allow a fence to extend more than 72" measured from grade. The job is installed and it promptly fails inspection. When Fence company A contacts Competitor B, they are told "sorry that is how we manufacture our products" . Fence Company A had to purchase a different product and replace the entire fence. Had Fence Company A been dealing with us, they would have saved several thousand dollars.