Why is American Made Important?

What we believe is nothing new, when you buy American Made products the country as a whole benefits. Thats why less than 10% of all the products we use come from overseas manufacturers. We are always looking to bring more of our products to American manufacturers.

5 Reasons we believe American Made is Important


    American people spending American dollars on American products equals American jobs. These jobs are the foundation of a thriving economy. If every American spent an extra $3.33 on American-made products, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs. And, if every builder used just 5 percent more Made in the USA materials, it would create 220,000 jobs. Each manufacturing job creates jobs for an addition 5 to 8 Americans. According to the Manufacturing Institute, every dollar generated by American manufacturing provides an additional $1.48 to the US economy.

    Today, countries not friendly to the USA, or democracy for that matter, are receiving too many manufacturing contracts and our American dollars. How would our country continue to rely on imported goods during a time of conflict or war? By choosing to buy American-made products you are supporting democracy.

    There are more Americans than ever today living off of government programs. And although we should be proud of the fact we live in a country that supports us when we’re at our lowest and truly need it, wouldn’t we benefit better from efforts to increase good-paying employment for those over 100 million Americans currently living off of those welfare checks? Making a dent in such a staggering statistic seems impossible, but when we decide to buy products that say “Made in the USA” we are taking action that is truly part of the solution and can be a catalyst for extending the American Dream for all.

    Many products made overseas actually start their life in the USA as raw material shipped overseas to be manufactured. Then, they’re shipped back to the USA as finished goods for distribution. This creates unnecessary petroleum usage and emissions. Plus, manufacturing facilities overseas aren’t held to the same regulations as American manufacturing facilities. Many companies overseas use dangerous, heavily polluting processes, and this pollution has been proven to travel to the U.S. In fact, according to the New York Times, strong global winds called westerlies can transport pollutants across the Pacific within days, leading to “dangerous spikes in contaminants.”

    When you buy USA-made products, the proceeds remain in the U.S. economy. The money you spend then pays the workers that directly or indirectly created the product you purchased. When workers spend their money here, and on goods made domestically, the dollars continue to be recycled. Every American worker also pays taxes on wages earned in America.

You can learn more about the Buy American movement at Made in the USA