Aluminum Colors

Traditional Colors

Here are the colors that every competitor offers.
Black Royal Bronze White

More Colors

Here are a few more colors that you could get from some of our competitors.
Almond Khaki Medium Bronze Gray Hunter Green

And Even More Colors

Here are the rest of our colors.
Federal Blue Slate Gray Barn Red Olive Sky Blue

PVC Colors

Standard Colors

White Almond Khaki

Variegated Series

Featuring 3 colors of Tongue and Grooved picket to set your fence apart.
White Variegated Almond Variegated Khaki Variegated

Veka Signature Series

Signature fence by VEKA Outdoor Living Products (OLP) solves the color challenges many fence products face. For over fifty years, our unique substrate formulation has been tried and tested in a variety of PVC products all over the world. Our proprietary, variegated, ASA blended cap formulation is resistant to excessive heat build-up, athestically pleasing and impervious to insects and salt spray. The inherent fade-resistant properties make it the premium solution for modern outdoor living designs.
Espresso Cayenne Hazelnut Storm

Veka Pinnacle Series

The popularity of color and wood grain laminates continues to grow exponentially, driven by today’s style-conscious homeowners. Select VEKA laminate finish for a long-lasting richness and durability unrivaled by any post-extrusion process. Our visually compelling shades enhance the curb appeal or interior of any home. The reliable finishes are low-maintenance and perform year after year, backed by our 20-year performance warranty.
Golden Oak Walnut Mahogany Rojo Oak Cocoa Bronze Black Onyx Golden Honey Weathered Cedar White Ash