Aluminum Pretreatment

You can have the best powder made, but, if your material is not properly prepared it will not stand the test of time. At Signature Series Products LLC, we have spent alot of time learning the proper pretreatment for our products. With help from Calvery Industries(a leading manufacturer of chemicals for the cleaning of metals), a pretreatment regiment was specifically formulated for our Aluminum Fence line that is environmentally friendly.

5 Stage Pretreatment

Our Process

  • The fabricated raw aluminum is placed in racks and sent through the Pretreatment tank.
  • Once the Pretreatment process is complete, the aluminum is run through a air knife to remove any excess water and is placed into an Inferred Dryoff oven to ensure the product is completely dry.
  • Next, the aluminum enters our spray booth and the powder is applied.
  • Finally, the aluminum is placed into our curing oven. The aluminum is heated until the part temperature reaches 400 degrees. At this point, the chemicals in the powder crosslink and acheive there strongest bond. The aluminum remains in the oven for an additional cure time and is then removed.
  • The aluminum is removed from the rack and sent to assembly.

Powder Coating Advantages

Don't let companies fool you. They will try to convince you wet paint is as good as Powder Coating. See the advantages of Powder Coating for yourself:

Our Powder

At Signature Series Products LLC, we only use Z-SERIES™ SUPER DURABLE Powder Coatings. These powders are formulated to meet the requirements of AAMA 2604 and carry a Twenty-five Year warranty when properly applied and fully cured. Z-series™ powders are extremely resistant to all weather conditions and are an ideal solution to a multitude of exterior applications. They are available in a wide range of colors and textures and like all Protech powders, z-series™ powders emit no harmful VOC's and are environmentally friendly.

Getting Results

The industry standard salt spray test as outlined in AAMA 2604 calls for scores of 7 and above after a 3000 hour Salt Spray test. We had ours tested beyond. The below links are the results. The cliffnotes are simple: we scored 8's and 9's at 3000 hours, we scored 9's and 10's at 3300 hours, and we scored 7's at 3500 hours.