Picket Styles

Designed to accent your property, our Picket styles of fence are considered "good neighbor" since the fence is identical from either side.

Decorative Styles

Designed to provide a contemporary feel, our Decorative styles of fence are a perfect fit to enclose your yard or swimming pool.

Semiprivacy Styles

Our Semi-Privacy styles are designed to provide privacy without a "closed in" feeling while enclosing your yard, patio, or pool.

Privacy Styles

Designed to block out the rest of the world, Our Privacy styles utilize a "V"-Jointed tongue and grooved picket and are available with a variety of accents.

Split Rail

Designed to accent your borders without giving a "closed in" feeling, our Split Rail styles are perfect for seperating landscape features and property lines.

Hand Railing

Designed to provide a safe and attractive solution to all of your railing needs.

All Products are Not Created Equal

We often hear that cheaper products have the same warranty as our product, so why spend the extra money? The warranties often only cover manufacturing defects. A rock or baseball breaking our competitors product is not covered under the warranty. Check out the above clip on the strength of our product. and then click here to check out our warranty.

What We Do

  • Our PVC sections are designed to allow racking.
  • Our PVC posts have been routed with a perfect fit allowance so the rails slide easily into the posts.
  • The PVC posts come with vertical pin holes.
  • Our PVC gates use a welded gate frame.
  • We rely on our extensive experience to produce the best products.Learn more here.
  • We use American Made material.

Profile Information

  • All Profiles meet or exceed ASTM F964-13, which is considered the "end all, beat all" testing specification for vinyl fence."

  • All Profiles are made using Veka's DualEdge Eco Layer technology. There are no post consumer fillers added to weaken or compromise color and structural stability."

  • All Profiles have the industry leading standard of 10 parts per 100 TiO2 (titanium dioxide) to give it the longevity and performance of a lifetime product.